"Performance is a behaviour not an outcome"

PDS Master Class - 14th September

Experience a PDS Master Class with its creator, sharing his principles, using live coaching examples and discussions.

· How to introduce a new culture

· What athlete centered actually is

· How to adjust your own style while maintaining your authenticity

· Getting athletes to see value in this approach

· Maximizing athlete engagement

· Developing athletes that can adapt tactics live (showing you the answers)

· Dealing with common barriers

· Accelerate learning with understanding

· Decreasing talk time in sessions

· Why behaviors will drive performance

· The importance of ‘scanning’

Mark has been developing athlete centered principles for nearly 3 decades; long before it became recognised as an effective coaching strategy. He has worked with elite and development sports, Universities, Colleges, Schools and the British Military; supporting the development of high performance & grass routes athlete/person centered cultures to  maximize learning, engagement, team development and ownership.

During this 1 day Masterclass Mark will guide you through the  philosophy, principles and strategies to enhance your own coaching. You will see the principles in action live with players of mixed ages in an athlete/person centered environment, followed by an intervention strategy that you can use in your own environments.

"The Performance Development Systems that Mark has developed and the associated training and skill development that goes alongside that will make anybody more effective at what they do whatever walk of life they are in. I could not recommend Mark highly enough."

Stuart Armstrong

Head of Coaching at Sport England

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